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About Our Company

About Our Company

Our Mission

To enable businesses (of all sizes) to achieve organizational growth through access to financing and expense reduction, first in our communities, and then nationwide.

Our Vision

To empower our clients to reduce their financial outlay on processing fees while gaining access to capital to finance activities that will grow their businesses.

Our Values

We are Swype Fast – a merchant services payment processor that focuses on building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. How we do business is rooted in our five pillars that are the cornerstone of how we operate every single day.

Our values are centered upon our 5 pillars:

  • Responsiveness
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Excellence

How We Got Started

An Unwillingness to Compromise

During the merger of Wachovia and Wells Fargo a decade ago, we pioneered as architects revitalizing the bank’s lagging Merchant Partnership program. Realizing the limited agility and conflicting interests that burden the company, we adopted the same entrepreneurial spirit of our customers and built Swype Fast to provide innovative services and solutions to help business owners “cut the fat” charged by obsolete merchant processors.

Solutions Designed for Business Owners

It was clear to us that the one-size-fits-all payment systems offered by big banks were not in the best interest of businesses. Merchants were forced into technology and contracts intended to benefit the providers; not the users. This left us asking… Where is value to the business owner? How does this build a strong partnership?

Our frustration became our biggest motivator in developing a better way of doing business. In just a few short years, we built a new proprietary platform designed with business owners in mind. A solution where merchants eliminate up to 99% of their processing costs and keep profits where they belong – in their pocket.