Can a business charge a fee to use a credit card?

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Can a business charge a fee to use a credit card?

All business merchants are permitted to charge their clients with a convenience charge for making use of a credit card on condition that the client is making use of a non-customary payment medium. For instance, if a business accepts their payments primarily in person, then a convenience charge may be included if their client uses a telephone order or mail.

The act of always charging clients a charge for payments via credit card, regardless of the way in which the operation takes place, is known as a surcharge. It is presently prohibited in ten different states: Oklahoma, Florida, Kansas, Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, and Texas.


What is Credit Card Surcharging?

  • Surcharges on credit cards refer to an extra added amount to a receipt for payment from a business to their customers.
  • An extra amount is levied mainly for covering the costs of processing a customer’s credit card on every one transaction made by him or her.
  • These extra charges on the customer’s credit card is often an unnecessary one and can accrue to almost nil profits by the customers on making repeated credit card payments.
  • In most cases, there is a good and legitimate reason for the business parties to charge this extra cost; primarily to cover the credit card usage costs.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Should there be any warning to customers concerning these extra credit card charges?
Extra charges on credit cards are currently acceptable except if they are otherwise explicitly restricted by the federal or state laws. Nevertheless, businesses are needed to follow still a few essential protocols for making sure that a client is never caught by surprise with these charges.

Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express all need their retailers to put a notice given the extra charge at the time of a sale. This would apply to both the online and in-store outlets. What’s more, the receipt a consumer must noticeably indicate that an extra charge was inserted into the bill.

Q. Can surcharges be levied on the prepaid or debit card transactions?
No, surcharges cannot be levied on the prepaid or debit card transactions. This is applicable even when the cardholder opts for ‘credit’ as one of the options when making use of their debit cards.
Your Title Goes HQ. What are the convenience charges?ere
The convenience fees are a part of the credit card surcharges. These are allowed in all states. On the other hand, businesses must adhere to laws, as to when it can or cannot indict a fee to their customers.
Q. Why do businesses charge a convenience fee?
While convenience fees on credit cards are an irritation and an additional outflow for the consumers, the businesses that levy the fee habitually have a legal, financial ground for charging this extra fee. Firms that customarily accept credit card payments characteristically build the charge of the accepting credit cards into their outlays. This is particularly true for those businesses, which regularly sell services and products to the general public directly.

Some other businesses are subject to direct billing their customer only for the price of specific services that they have used. Such companies do not account for the credit card processing expenditure into the cost that the customer has been charged.

For example, some landlords, utility companies, and government bodies often bill the customer directly for the owed amount. With such businesses, it is likely to be free to compensate by ACH or check. If the customer wishes to bring a debit or credit card into play for taking care of their bills, he or she may need to shell out a convenience charge.

Q. Why do some businesses charge extra fees on credit card acceptance even when it is not viable?
When some businesses charge extra, it is mostly because they already have a justifiable reason or two. Otherwise, they are not on the correct path of conducting credit card deals. A few of them may just be greedy for such menial margins or in some other cases; it is because they are not informed enough.

The small or traditional merchants manage to get away with this, as most customers do not tend to challenge them time and again. When they do charge extra fees, they are, in fact, going against the merchant agreement that they have signed with MasterCard, Visa, American Express and so forth.

Q. Are there any standard rules to adhere to, for charging extra credit card usage fees?
Different terms and conditions are followed by different credit card companies. It is hence essential to read all the rules clearly before accepting a new credit card.
Q. Who decides how issuers of credit card can charge for convenience fees?
Merchants who wish to use their credit card for business operations are tied by the fee agreements with their given credit card operators. Such agreements sketch out the range of things that merchants can or cannot do while they are accepting their customer’s credit cards.
Q. What should be done in case of a grievous witnessing of unwarranted charge on credit card usage?
If a merchant is openly breaking the credit card fee rules, then one can report him or her to the given credit card companies that have signed contracts with such businesses, which notably prohibit such activities.
Q. How can Swype Fast help with such extra processing fees on credit cards?
Swype Fast can help interested customers in eliminating up to 95% of such extra credit card processing charges. This is achieved by their cash discount program.
Q. What is the Swype Fast cash discount program?
Swype Fast provides a Cash Discount Program to enable merchants to make up for all or a portion of their existing merchant service charges exclusive of increasing the general rates. Swype Fast proprietary technology allows the merchants to levy a service charge to their clients contained by the Mastercard, Visa, and processor regulation rules.

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