Cash discount and related questions

Cash discount is a program in which the business merchant offsets a portion of the fees charged.  This discount is only provided to those customers who pay in cash.

This program enables the business owners to execute service fee according to the processor regulations, and guidelines are given by Visa and MasterCard.

Advantages of a cash discount program

A motivation to make payment

A cash discount is provided to a customer on the invoices, which are sent to them. 

Cash discount encourages a customer to make an early payment.

It means that if the invoice amount is paid within ten days out of 30 days, then such a customer will receive a discount of 2%.

Reduces inventory costs

The company that supplies goods to your firm may also provide a cash discount if you are providing a cash discount to your customer.

A way to give rewards to the customers

It is one of the ways to develop faithfulness in your customers, especially the ones who make payment on time.

Additionally, offering a cash discount can encourage the customers that do not pay their bills on time to make payment as quickly as possible.

Cash discount is a tool through which you can express to your customers that they are important to you.

For more information on credit card processing and trancsactions fees, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does this program work?

This program is a means through which the business owners offset the maximum amount of their processing fee.

Business merchants execute this service that applies to all the products and services, then offer a discount to those people who have made payment in cash.

To initiate this program of cash discount, the business merchant must inform the customers regarding the fee applied to every item.

Is a cash discount program legal?

Yes, the program of cash discount is legal in all the states of the United States of America.

It is legal for any person to offer a discount for the payments made in credit cards, cash, debit cards, and checks.

Is it something new?

No, the business merchants have been providing discounts for the payments, which are made in cash. It is not a new concept.

Is it going to eliminate the bill of monthly processing?

Almost all the amount of your bill is going to be eliminated through the cash discount program.

There can be variations depending on the merchant, but the processing bill will get reduced by 95%

What do you mean by unlimited processing?

It is a legal program of cash discount, which gives an alternative of credit card processing to the merchants across the globe.

Through the use of unlimited processing, business owners can offset their cost of credit card processing by taking less service charge from their customer on every sale.

Does Swype Fast offer a cash discount program?

Yes, Swype Fast has an exclusive cash discount program in which you can save 95% of the processing bill.

Swype Fast enables business merchants to execute service fee to their customers according to the guidelines of MasterCard and Visa.

If a customer does not wish to pay the service fee, then the business proprietors can offer them a discount, if they are ready to make a payment in cash.

According to this method, the posted rates will be converted into the rates of customers who make payment in cash.

What is the difference between a surcharge and a cash discount?

A surcharge is applied in the case there is an increase in the value of purchases made by using the credit card.

On the other hand, a cash discount is a discount offered by a business merchant that reduces the value of services and goods purchased against cash.

What is the working of unlimited processing?

The service fee charged by the customer is assessed on the transaction basis.

The fee that is applied to every sale that is made through the terminal of business merchant gets eliminated if the payment is made by the customer through cash.

The software of unlimited processing then determines the amount of service fee and discount automatically. The amount of service fee received is added to the monthly fee of credit card processing.

What are the benefits of unlimited processing offered to the merchants?

Through unlimited processing, a person can reduce the processing fee by 95 percent and does not create any impact on the existing volume of sales.

It is the only software of cash discount available in the United States, which is legally compliant. Additionally, this software is available for every type of credit card. This technology of mobile payment is compatible with the point of sales systems and wireless terminals.

The terminal of EMV chip card is required, and PIN pad is not necessary.

What type of business qualifies for a cash discount program?

Almost every business organization except totally e-commerce companies can go for the cash discount program.

The procedure of approval of this cash discount program is similar to the standard processing.

What are the basic requirements that a merchant has to fulfill in this program?

The average ticket should not be more than 10 dollars in one transaction. The rate of discount offered to the customer will be shown on the receipt given to them.

Current business owners must give their present statement of credit card processing. Moreover, new business owners are required to provide a bank statement or proof stating that their business is currently operating.

Is it possible to run the transactions of electronic benefit transfer at the time of using the program of cash discount?

Yes, it is possible for you to use the cards of electronic benefit transfer at the time of using the cash discount program.

You cannot include a service charge on EBT cards as it is not permitted to add a fee on the cards that are issued by the government. But you can use a terminal for running the EBT transactions.

If you still have questions related to Cash Discount Program, you can read another of our blog articles that covers the same topic.

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