Credit card terminal and related FAQ

A credit card terminal is a terminal of payment. It is a device which is used for making a digital transfer of funds. There are different kinds of payment terminals, which are available for business merchants. It enables a business merchant to swype, insert, or enter the details of credit card manually.

  • Easy and quick: The number of sales made through credit cards can increase if more options of payment will be given to the customers. Increasing the number of payment options will enlarge the customer base. Credit card terminal is a more comfortable method through which the merchants can receive payments.

Essential to sustaining in the industry: You should always remember that business is all about competition. Accepting all the credit cards can give you a competitive edge against the people who only receive cash transactions. Therefore, it is crucial for a business merchant to use a credit card terminal to sustain in the industry.

  • Increases cash flow: Credit card processing is way more efficient and more comfortable as compared to making payments through check and wait until they get clear. Accepting credit card payments is a minor expense for a company. As a large number of credit card processing services are available, it is easier to look for a merchant that deals with credit cards.
  • Impulse purchasing: If you use credit card terminals or if you accept payments through the credit cards, then you can encourage impulse purchasing. If your business receives payment on a cash basis only, then there is a chance that you will lose all the customers who do not have cash at the time of making a purchase.

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of a credit card terminal?

Several vendors provide credit card terminals for free. But there are some that will permit you to either take the machine on lease or purchase it. Cost may vary from model to model. The price will also vary depending on whether you purchase or rent your credit card terminal. Their charges are not higher than 100 dollars.

How does a terminal of credit card work?

A merchant account enables a business merchant to accept payments through credit card. The credit card terminals are linked to the mobile phones, internet, computer or a phone line, which transmits information to the processor.
Through the use of these processors of credit card, the payment amount gets transmitted from the bank account of the customer to the account of the business merchant. There are certain cases where the credit card terminal makes use of a merchant account and keeps funds with itself on behalf of the merchant.

Is there a distinction between POS system and credit card terminals?

A credit card terminal is a pad of PIN and a reader of credit card whereas a system of point of sales is a checkout terminal that comes along with the cash register, printer, monitor, and credit card terminal. Moreover, the point of sales systems come together with the applications or software that generate discounts, monitor sales, track inventory, produce financial reports. Additionally, they provide aid in marketing and other features.

How quickly will the funds get transmitted to the bank account?

Like other transactions that are done through the bank, credit card payments also go through an ACH. This procedure gets completed within a period of 2 to 3 days. There is a possibility of delay in cases like chargebacks by the consumers.

How does a credit card terminal send or receive data?

The credit card terminals require a dedicated line of phone. People work with the merchants for evaluating the systems of communication.

What are the benefits of using a wireless credit card terminal?

Any business merchant who accepts credit card payments from a remote area can be benefited by the wireless credit card terminals.  This includes all those locations where phone lines are inaccessible and inconvenient.

What is more beneficial buying a credit card terminal or taking it on a lease?

Both of these options have some benefits. Your representative of customer service is going to assess your specific requirements and decide the best choice for you.

Does every business person dealing with credit cards require a credit card terminal?

No, it is not necessary for all business persons accepting credit cards to use a credit card terminal. It is essential for service companies, medical offices, and industries to have a payment terminal. Through this, it will enable the business merchant to have access to a secure website and enter the details about the customer.
Companies, which accept phone orders and fax can also be benefited by using a credit card terminal. It is not necessary for e-commerce firms to have a credit card terminal as they already have a gateway of payment to accept credit card payments.

If credit card terminal is used for sending information, then how is one better as compared to the other?

People who manufacture these credit card machines have been taking the benefit of the advanced technologies so that they can include more advanced features. These traits can help in developing long-term relationships with the customers, minimize expenses, streamlining the flow of work, and raise revenue.
Advancements taking place in the world of internet communications has made credit card terminals a secure and reliable means of moving data. Now, the use of cellular technology has enabled businesspersons to accept the payments of the credit card in unusual situations.

How does a transaction get secured using a credit card terminal?

The credit card machines transfer the details about the credit card through the gateway of payment configured by you. Sensitive information of the credit card is given protection through SSL encryption. Confidential information related to the credit card is not communicated through the servers. Credit card processors don’t keep a record of the credit card number after the transfer is completed.

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