Everything you Need to Know About the Discount for Cash Payment Program

May 1, 2018 | Credit Card Processing

About the Cash Payment Program

A cash payment discount is an incentive in the form of cash, which is offered by the seller to the buyer them for payment before the specified due date.

This discount for cash payment reduces the total amount, which the buyer has to give to the seller by a particular percentage value of the overall bill or any fixed amount set by the seller.

For instance:

‘A’ is the seller, and ‘B’ is the buyer. A certain invoice between them is to fall 40 days later.

To get the amount early from B, ‘A’ can offer ‘B’ a 4 % cash discount if he or she pays it within the next 25 days.  

It is now the choice of ‘B’ to pay the amount before the due date and get some benefit or pay the full amount on the due date of payment.

Even some discount for cash payment is very advantageous to the seller because it helps in the early receipt of payment from the buyer.

Therefore, the seller can receive the cash within a smaller period. As the seller gets the cash early, he or she can now invest that money in the business sooner. 

Perks of discount for cash payment

There are a lot of advantages of giving a cash discount. Few of them are mentioned below:

Motivation for payment

You can add the terms and conditions of the cash discount you follow on the bills or invoice, which is sent to the customers.

There is a 30 day period to pay the bill. But the advantage of giving a less amount than the total bill gives the buyer a motivation to give the amount early before the due date.

Increases the flow of cash

When the buyer gets a discount for a cash payment made early, he/she gets attracted to it and pays the amount before the date.

This brings in the cash to your business and thereby even you can pay the bills of your company.

Also, with cash in hand at present, you can think about further investments in your business.

Lowers the cost of inventory

If you are a retailer and buy products from a supplier to sell them further, then even you should look out for a cash discount as it is very advantageous for you too.

If you get an invoice for the goods purchased from the supplier without any mention of a discount for cash payment, then you must surely point it out and request for one.

When a high-volume of purchase is being made, then even a discount of as low as 2% can save you a significant amount of money when you choose to pay back your dues before time.

Rewarding your customers

Giving a discount for cash payment a suitable means to reward your customers. This builds up loyalty and helps in customer retention, which is extremely important for the survival and growth of your business.

Moreover, such discount on payment acts as a motivation for less-prompt or slow customers. This way you can be sure about a low number of bad debts. It is a great way to tell your customers that you bother about them and their association with you is important for you.

But apart from this, a cash discount is not as lucrative as it sounds. Their usefulness depends as per the situation prevailing in the business. It also depends on the amount of that particular transaction for which the discount is being offered.

For instance, if a business is in need of funds, but the due date is just five days ahead. So in this scenario, if there isn’t any dire need for funds, then no discount should be offered.

Let us take another instance.

A transaction takes place wherein the amount of it is quite high, say $50,000. Now, if the seller provides a discount for a cash payment of even 3%, then he/she will lose a handsome amount of $1,500. This might not be good for the business.


Here, was everything you needed to know about a discount for cash payment.

In a way, it is beneficial for both the seller and the retailer.

The seller gets the payment early and can invest it in their business. It helps in customer satisfaction and retention.

Moreover, it is beneficial for the customers too. By using such a discount, they no more have to pay the full amount. Plus, customers can get rid of their tension by sorting out all the dues ahead of time.

If you are low on finance for your business or want to eliminate the fees for processing a credit card by a huge percentage, you can opt for Swype Fast. Swype Fast’ cash discount program is an amazing way to get funds and save on the processing charges of credit cards.

Swype Fast is quite useful for businesspersons around the world. You can apply for its cash discount program online through some quick and easy steps. Through Swype Fast, you can receive the funds within 48 hours of your application. It is quite an effective solution for all types of businessmen.

So, if you are a businessperson who is in need of funds for your business, then you should take the help of Swype Fast.  It is a very smart way of getting funds on time with having the advantage of using them at present.

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