Merchant Cash Advance Program For Hotels & Motels

From Swype Fast

The pressure of running hotel or motel business is very high. There are many details and factors that an owner has to deal with at the same time, not to mention the seasonal nature of the business. That is why it is important for hoteliers to have fast and easy access to capital funding, that will help them sustain and grow their businesses over time. The merchant cash advance program from Swype Fast is the perfect funding solution for hoteliers who are looking for alternative funding options for their business expenses.

We understand what your business

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Swype Fast capital advances are often used by hotels and motels across the country, which has made us understand better about what your business really needs.

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Without hassles

Call us today at our toll-free number (800) 597-0713 to discover more about our merchant cash advance programs, and get your funding within 48 hours.


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