Important Aspects Involved in Companies Offering the Lowest Credit Card Fees

Credit card processing fees are the fees paid for a credit card or debit card transaction. Credit card processing fees are also called as merchant discount rates or discount rates.The merchant pays them. A merchant discount rate is like a retail price charged for a credit card transaction. The lowest credit card fees are charged by only some businesses, including Swype Fast. In this article, we will look at some aspects of credit card processing fees and also the types of credit card processing fees.

Basic aspects encompassing credit card processing fees

  •    In a credit card dealing, the merchant discount rate is made up of two things. Markup and base costs. Like in a business, there are raw material costs and production-related costs. Similarly, one can think of the base costs as the raw material costs and the markup as the cost involved in the production.  
  •    Base costs cover the largest portion of credit card processing fees, which is maximum 80% of the total cost. The markup accounts for an approximate of 20% to 25%.
  •    Only some credit card processing fees are subject to negotiation. As the markup and base costs are fixed, there is little room for flexibility. Swype Fast has the lowest credit card fees as it gives a waiver of up to 95% on the processing fee.

Let us now discuss the types of credit card processing fees. The following pointers shed some light on what they are really about:

Interchange fees

The interchange fees are the fees levied by card networks, like Visa, Discover, MasterCard, etc. for the processing of credit cards. The variation of this rate depends on the card type. For instance, a rewards credit card will have a different exchange rate than a corporate credit card. These rates are non-negotiable as they are paid by the merchant account providers to the card issuers.  

Assessment Fees

The assessment fee is also the fees you pay to card networks, like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc. These fees are not high in amount. These fees depend on the card network. Some networks may charge more for greater transaction volume and some, may charge more for debit and credit card usage.  

Types of Merchant Account Provider Fees

A merchant account is needed to process a credit card and connect to the various credit card networks.  A fee, called the merchant account provider fee, is charged on the top of interchange fee and the providers of merchant account make their cash from it.
This fee is calculated based on the business type and sales volume. This fee is also negotiable in nature. This means different business pay different merchant account provider fee despite having the same merchant account provider. The lowest credit card fees are offered by Swype Fast.

Discount fee

A percentage of a transaction is charged to the merchant when a cardholder swipes his or her credit card to make a purchase. This charge is known as a discount fee. The merchant’s bank and the card issuing bank both charge this fee to the merchant. This fee is charged due to certain reasons.
These reasons include all the risk involved in a transaction. A variety of factors, like merchant credit, risk, card presence, business type, etc., are involved in charging a merchant. The lowest credit card fees are an important factor in determining the type of services offered by a merchant service provider.

Transaction fee

A Transaction fee is another type of fee involved in credit card processing. The transaction fee forms the biggest cost of operating the merchant account. Swype Fast offers a massive waiver on their credit card fees. Hence, they should be considered at the time when the requirement is for charging the lowest credit card fees.

Incidental fees

Incidental fee is the fee that is not used in a billing statement. This fee is used when budget shortfalls occur. Swype Fast offers a merchant cash discount program, which charges no fees for merchant processing. Hence, Swype Fast is one of the businesses that provide lowest credit card fees.

Markup fee

Markups are the fees which provide profit to the credit card processors. If you are in the hands of the right processor, the fees will be nothing but modest. But trouble occurs when an association with a wrong processor happens. These processors do not make it easy as they shock even those business owners who are well experienced.
These wrong processors make it difficult for the businesses to know what markup they are using. Hence, the fees charged as markup vary from processor to processor. Swype Fast is the right choice for you, as it provides the lowest credit card fees.  

Annual fees

Every year, some annual fees are charged. These are charged due to use of a service by a provider. Most of the providers do not charge it. By using Swype Fast you can ,make sure that you are getting the lowest credit card fees.

Fees depending on Merchant Account Provider

  •    The monthly fees are charged on a monthly basis. This is usually done for covering the cost associated with call centers even though most of the calls made to a call center are due to the mistakes done by the merchant account providers.  If you are on the lookout for the lowest credit card fees, check out Swype Fast.
  •    The other types of credit card processing fees depend on Merchant Account Providers as to how they set them. These are called as Interchange-plus credit card processing fees and flat-rate credit card processing fees.
  •    Interchange-plus credit card processing fees are the fees that are levied whenever you pay an amount, which is more than the interchange fees. Flat-rate credit card processing fees are the fees you pay according to flat rates. A flat rate is the service charge levied during a transaction.

Hence, in this article, we came to know about the various aspects of credit card processing fees. Swype Fast offers the lowest credit card fees in the market. They have almost no fee for credit card processing. Isn’t it amazing?

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